At RG Transportation Services, we are always looking to expand our network of carriers. We value the partnership with our carriers and endeavour to provide a better experience than the typical customer/supplier relationship.

By becoming an RG carrier you can expect:

  • Honest and fair rate negotiations
  • Reliable payment terms
  • Available freight at the times and places you need it

What does it take to become an RG Carrier? We expect that:

  • Equipment be clean, well maintained, and in excellent operating condition
  • All equipment, drivers and load securing measures comply with local, federal, state or provincial regulations in the areas that you operate
  • You will be available 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Delays or problems with any shipment will be communicated as they are happening – not after the fact
  • Dispatchers are in constant communication with drivers and able to track their progress
  • All drivers are trained in documentation, load securement, border processes and customer service

To become an RG carrier we require:

  • Contact information including 24/7 emergency phone numbers
  • A copy of your operating authorities
  • A valid insurance certificate, showing RG Transportation Services as a certificate holder
  • An up to date copy of your workers’ compensation certificate
  • Any CTPAT, FAST, CSA certificates that you hold
  • A listing of your equipment types and quantities

To access the Carrier Profile Application click HERE. Once completed, call us at the number above or e-mail it to us at [email protected]