Business is about speed to market. Speed to market is about finding the right supplier with the resources positioned to service your customer – Effectively and Efficiently, Every time. E.Three is the process we use at RG.

When evaluating a logistics process, many tend to be drawn to a provider with the “lowest cost”, while setting aside important aspects of what the right logistics manager brings to the table. Too often, lowest cost means “lowest rates”. Lowest rates usually means spot loads by someone “desperate” to move something from somewhere. For short term solutions this can work well. For long term relationships this usually does not.

Our job as a manager of freight logistics is usually to replace expertise developed over years of engagement, in a dynamic and ever changing transportation environment. The market knowledge has nuances that make the process work. Not understanding these nuances can cause a breakdown in the effectiveness of the system. While there are many things to consider, there are three very important areas we focus on to ensure we’re creating value as your logistics provider.

Partnership: should be one of complete trust. As your logistics provider we act as an extension of your business and make decisions that will improve your business and create added value to your customers. Being pro-active and having the expertise to help you problem-solve, is something you need. You will look to us to provide the expertise to service your needs. To this end, we will provide an experienced, dedicated team, with a single point of contact, by region. This creates depth of knowledge with more people aware of what you do and how you do it, available every day – through sickness and health – and even holidays. We will deliver a strong sense of urgency and purpose with 24/7 availability. We will truly feel success, in servicing your customer’s needs, as a shared success. Failure to deliver (although rare!) will be felt the same.
The longevity of a good logistics relationship will be reflected through in-depth experience and expertise, along with a willingness and commitment to truly understand your business needs.

Technology/Information Availability

Information and knowledge create business value that can influence how you execute your strategy. The best information (accurate, reliable, efficient, thorough and timely) can be leveraged to increase your competitive advantage. Having a customized logistics solution that focuses on giving you a competitive edge in the markets that you serve, through access to highly valuable information in real-time, will set you apart and truly makes you top of class. We strive to provide the information that is required for you to be effective. And sometimes that is as simple as: it is delivered! We do this one on every order (with interim updates if required/desired).

Technology: should support the process, not define the process. We provide the upfront contact people to manage the business with other people – your customer. Despite our people-people interface philosophy, we continually invest in technology, thereby improving accuracy, speed of execution, customer service effectiveness and cost efficiency. This is provided every day, 24/7. Our technology support:
1) Ensures accurate, secure record keeping

2) Enhances data integration and customization of reports

3) Provides real-time information to help you manage your business more effectively

4) Reduces or eliminates data entry requirements and associated costs


All the knowledge that one can gather over years of engagement in the logistics field cannot replace the specific knowledge that you have developed and cultivated in delivering to your customers day in and day out for years. We need this nuanced knowledge. We work hard to get it from your people, and leverage it to enhance our service delivery. Before we “take over” we make sure we have the knowledge to service your business, at least as well as you have in the past. Our goal is to do it more effectively and more efficiently, every time.

Focusing on these three areas will positively impact revenue for our customers through: service effectiveness, making your customers want more of your goods; cost efficiency, getting more for the transportation dollars you spend; and, risk management, making the right decisions as they relate to your products being delivered by the right service providers at the right cost.

This is what we deliver with E.Three service: Every Time, Effectively and Efficiently.